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Carole Childers C.N., L.D.N. (Private practice)

Carole Childers is a Certified Nutritionist (C.N.) and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (L.D.N.) in the state of Illinois. She attended Central Michigan University and the American Health Science University of Denver, Colorado. Carole continues to update and increase her education by attending professional classes and seminars in both the medical and nutritional fields. With a wide range of experience in many medical and nutritional areas, Carole has lectured on topics such as menopause, learning disabilities. and allergies.

Carole offers clients a holistic approach to health through her private practice as a nutritional counselor. She sees clients for a variety of health concerns. Some of her specialties include: hormonal and female issues, ADD/ADHD in adults and children, weight loss, allergies and celiac/gluten intolerance and many more. As the mother of two daughters with extensive and severe allergies, Carole has become a firm believer in the principle that making small changes in the way you live can make a big difference in achieving a happier and healthier life. This is the guiding philosophy behind a very successful nutritional practice that has helped many people improve their health and their lives for more
than 17 years.

Carole is available for private consultations. To schedule an appointment, please call 847/438-9200.

Carole's Story

As the mother of two very allergic daughters, I was confronted with a set of circumstances involving symptoms, reactions and behaviors that were not only baffling to me, but to my children’s doctors as well. Countless treatment courses got us nowhere. I spent two years reading everything I could find, researching therapies, making countless phone calls to doctors, hospitals, medical centers, and universities. I finally found two very dedicated pediatricians, one of whom was a clinical ecologist. Working together, we were able to determine what was causing our oldest daughter’s problems. Fortunately, both doctors were open to alternative therapies which led to new ways of successfully treating both of our children.

Having grown up with traditional medicine, this was the beginning of a new and often perplexing journey. However, we embraced it out of desperation and the determination to solve the mystery of healing our children. That was more than twenty-five years ago and thankfully both of our daughters have thrived and are leading healthy and successful lives.

Had I known then what I know now, that journey, 25 years ago, would not have been so frightening nor nearly as long or difficult. That is what motivated me to start All Ways Healthy back in 1989. I wanted to share what I had learned so that other families could benefit from our family’s journey and in turn, share their stories in helping others. We learn, we share, we grow. Now we have an All Ways Healthy community working together to solve problems and helping each other live healthier, happier lives.