Current Produce Box

Our ORGANIC PRODUCE BOX program at All Ways Healthy is up and running

Now you can choose what you want from a huge selection of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables - a convenient and affordable way to eat healthy.
We have partnered with B&B Organics(external link) to bring you an exciting box produce program!

Ordering is easy

  1. Visit bborganicexpress.com(external link) to place an order scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe for the email reminders and produce menus.
  2. The online order form is available on
  3. bborganicexpress.com(external link) every Tuesday at 3pm thru Wednesday at 11pm.
  4. Every week you will have over 50 fresh organic produce items to choose from.
  5. Place you order and pay online using a credit/debit card or paypal. A $5 deliver fee will be charged at pick up.
  6. Pick up your box the following Thursday anytime after 3:00pm.
  7. For question call 574-276-4689

Check out bborganicexpress.com(external link) recipe page for inspiration to create from your produce.